Employee Business Cards


I was asked by UpNorth to design business cards for their employees. After hammering out the template I'd use, UpNorth requested that their circular brand on both sides of the card be foil stamped with their iconic green color used in their branding. The request for green foil was a bit of a curve ball - most printers that offer foil stamped finishes only offer gold or silver foil, and the few that do offer other foil colors have a limited selection of color options. I was unable to source a printer that had a foil color option that was similar to the green used by UpNorth.

However, I did find a vendor that offered an alternative solution to colored foil stamping. We The Printers have a business card printing option called Liquid Foil Business Cards, which incorporates a layer of silver foil below the elements of your business card that you want to have a metallic look. By using WTP's Liquid Foil Business Cards, I was able to give the requested elements of UpNorth's business cards the green, foil stamped look that they had requested.


UpNorth Distribution Business Cards Front Layout
UpNorth Distribution Business Cards Layout
UpNorth Distribution Business Cards Front
UpNorth Distribution Business Cards Back


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