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About a year prior to approaching me, Unscratch had hired a web development company to redesign the look of their business website. The end result was a much cleaner, modern looking site that showcased the many projects Unscratch had completed since being established in 2005. Unfortunately, while the front-end, public-facing side of the website received an upgrade, many of the back-end aspects of the website became damaged and degraded in the process. The major areas of concern for Unscratch were related to their site's SEO, and they sought my help to repair the damage that had been done.

Unscratch had informed me that the previous web developers had created the current theme used on their WordPress site by modifying one of the free default themes WordPress releases every year. One issue I noticed immediately with the modified theme was that the page layout became broken and distorted when viewing the front-end after logging into the back-end. I also found a modified theme file that was assigning the same SEO Title tag to every page on the site, overriding the unique Title tags that were originally assigned to them.

The previous devs had also installed a few free plugins and had attempted to modify their code, rather than purchase the premium versions of the plugins, to get the features they wanted. However, these plugin and file modifications resulted in some unexpected behavior, such as an issue with leaving image alt tags empty or just being completely non-functioning altogether. In my experience, it's typically worth purchasing a theme or premium version of a plugin - most of the time you'll get features that aren't available in the free versions, as well as technical support from the plugin or theme devs. That, and you'll help support the people that create the tools that allow you to shape your website just the way you want it. By trying to cut corners, the previous web developers had negatively impacted the SEO of this client's website.

After diagnosing the issues with their website, I informed Unscratch that I could resolve a majority of them by switching over to a new WordPress theme. Unscratch wanted to maintain the newly upgraded look and style of their site, so I replicated their site design with the theme I wanted to use. Unscratch also wanted to maintain some of the back-end functionality the previous web devs had created, such as populating page content from custom post-types, and I was able to do so with the new theme. I also applied fixes to some of the previous dev's coding to correct the empty image alt tags issue. With the new theme applied, replicating the styling from the previous theme, as well as updating missing SEO tags on a few of their pages, Unscatch the Surface, Inc. now has a healthy website, inside and out.


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