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House & Garden Nutrients asked for an updated website, and I was happy to deliver. Their website was originally built with WordPress, so I found a new theme that I customized to the client's liking. Additional pages were added to the website, including a retail store locator, feed charts, and individual product pages.

The client's website update also included a redesign of their Nutrient Calculator. House & Garden's nutrient line is made up of multiple products, each of which has a specific dilution rate. End users can mix their nutrients together using the information on each product label, by using the feed charts that are available on their website and in retail shops, or by using the Nutrient Calculator, which does all the thinking for you. All an end user needs to do is enter their nutrient reservoir size along with a few other parameters, and the Nutrient Calculator builds a weekly feeding regimen for your crops.


House & Garden Nutrients Website Home Page


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