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Before I was brought onboard, GFF Magazine was a print publication that produced quarterly magazines that focused on living a gluten-free lifestyle. Their magazines were available in brick-and-mortar stores as well as on their website in print and PDF versions.

I was tasked with making a number of upgrades to GFF Magazine's website. First off, I made use of a new WordPress theme and created a brand new layout design that was applied site-wide. The home page was redesigned to showcase GFF's most recent recipes, articles, product reviews and travel guides, as well as display the various recipe categories available on their website. I also added global and and recipe-category search functionality to their site, enabling easier access to the 1000+ recipes and articles available online.

One major change to the GFF website aside from the layout design came with the addition of a metered paywall. GFF wanted to make the transition to an all-digital publication and phase out their print publication, so they needed a way to still generate revenue. The decision was made to create subscription plans that would allow users access to the content on the GFF website. Visitors to the site would be allowed to view a set number of recipes and articles, and when that limit was reached, they would be presented with a paywall encouraging them to signup for a subscription that would allow access to all content on the site. Certain recipes and articles are free to view by all visitors to the site, but the majority of the site content is now behind a metered paywall.


GFF Magazine Website Home Page


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